HNTT Productions, founded in 2016 by Melody Shere’a, is located in the heart of Oakland, California. The company creates, develops, produces and invests in film, television and documentary projects. The entertainment industry veteran possesses more than 10 years acting, print modeling and voice-over experience. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Shere’a graduated from Cal State Hayward, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, and later pursued an MBA in Finance at Holy Names University in Oakland.
Monica Simmons is the Executive Producer of the documentary and head of production and film development for HNTT Productions.  
Shere'a, HNTT Productions CEO states, "For too long our stories have been left behind. It is HNTTP's goal is to bring forth the change needed in the entertainment industry by becoming the 'Head and Not The Tail' in this business".

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Melody Shere’a has been in the entertainment industry for over 10yrs. She was raised in the Bay Area, and relocated to LA to pursue her dream of acting in 2003. Her first role was an extra on the production “Coach Carter” starring singer/actor Ashanti, and actor Channing Tatum to name a few. Her humble beginnings as a background actor, later served as a way to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Some of her other work includes working on the “Eve show” as a stand-in, U5 role on the medical drama “Threshold”. Melody also worked behind the scenes as an intern, while living in LA, on the nationally syndicated “Tyra Banks Show” under Angelica (Rosas) McDaniel, current EVP of daytime programs at CBS. Aside, from writing, producing, and directing, she also does voice-over work, commercial, and print modeling.

Melody graduated from Cal State Hayward, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, and later pursued a MBA in Finance, at Holy Names University. She has over 15 years of experience working as a savvy Accounting/Finance leader. Melody has worked for several Fortune 500 corporations throughout the SF/Bay Area. Melody experienced many peaks and valleys in her career working in Corporate America. Melody states, “One of the disheartening experiences working in Corporate America is often seeing smart, strong and talented women of color get passed over for opportunities that could lead to career growth”. She is a member of the Women of Impact team, for Girls Inc. (Alameda), where she speaks to empower young girls who often come from disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare for college and real world experiences. Her first directorial debut, along with producer Monica Simmons is a documentary called “Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America”. The documentary is a strong, and powerful short film produced by HNTT Productions. Be on the watch for HNTT Productions, because there are many more projects in the works. “We are the HEAD NOT THE TAIL.”

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Monica Simmons, the Executive Producer of “Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America”. She has worked in Corporate America, within the tech start-up industry for 10 plus years. Currently, Monica is working with CEO/Founder of HNTT Productions, Melody Simmons-Hudson on other film/TV projects. Her educational background is in Business/Marketing.  She recently resigned from her position in the Silicon Valley, where she was the Billing Manager at a Tech Company. Aside of Executive Producing, she has also founded her own company “Sheer Swag”(www.sheerswag.com) where she provides wardrobe styling services for film, television and print model projects.